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4 glass and 1 bottle butler made from recycled whisky barrel wooden stave, holes with metal hoop detail
  • 4 glass whisky barrel wooden stave bottle butler


    Made from a recycled whisky barrel wooden stave.


    An easy way to carry your favourite bottle and glasses around your home or into the garden bar.  This four-glass bottle butler has that authentic whisky barrel feel.

    Fits a standard wine bottle and 15mm wine glass stem however you can customise your bottle butler on our customise creations page to suit your glasses or favourite drink.


    Personalisation is available with pyrography and, or metal/twine at an extra cost.


    Please put in the personalisation box below;

    -If chosen, Metal or Twine?

    -If you are having pyrography, what is it you would like?


    Shipping included on mainland UK

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