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Whisky barrel bar outdoor garden furniture with removeable shelf and Peaky Blinders decal on top
  • Peaky Blinders Bar Barrel


    A barrel bar with removable shelf which you can use as a tray and reveals a space below the shelf/tray which can be lined and filled with ice to pop your tinnies and bottles in to keep cool. 

    Ideal addition to the man/womancave or garden bar.  

    A chessboard on the top and you can play chess as a true Thomas Shelby strategist and works for draughts for the budding mini Shelbys.

    (The barrel barl also comes as part of a set and we offer a special price for the two chairs and barrel bar.)

    Free shipping on mainland UK

      Looking for a custom barrel creation?
      Look no futher....

      We build custom barrel creations for your home, garden, pubs, restaurants and events venues!

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